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You do not need all of the things on our list!

Want yes! But NEED?… no!

If you want to make the same Projects as Teesha and I you will need:
3 x large sheets of Hot Press Watercolour paper – 22 x 30 inch
Fabriano artistico 140 lb. hot press paper
Example here: click
Hot Press
Strathmore 500 Series  Mixed Media Paper:
500 Series Mixed Media Sheets, Pkg of 4, 22" × 30"
Example here: click
If cannot find these brands, use whatever you can find!Smooth  or ‘Hot Press’ watercolour paper is better for collage, drawing and paint.

Jane’s Recommendations:

These are some of my favourite art supplies, and probably what I will be using. For what I ACTUALLY use, video by video, please see the Supply Lists at the bottom of this page.
Please note: I have added links to The Institute of Cute - the specialist Mixed Media art supply store my husband, Gus, and I set up in 2011 to assist Antipodean artists tracking down hard-to-find items! I have lots of videos and info there. Of Course Gus and I appreciate your order from us, but there is totally no pressure to order from me.  This is just intended to be a helpful resource.
Southern Hemisphere: available at
Northern Hemisphere order from:
stencil- advt-jane davenport
sharpie-white-marker-thumbnailBut all Poster Paint, or water-based acrylic paint pens seem to be awesome:
some brands are Molotow, Montana, Posca, Sharpie, Painters, Perm-opaque, Galaxy, Posterman..

Antique Linen, Spun Sugar, Black Soot


Golden Fluid Acrylics:
Payne’s Grey, Turquoise (Phthalo), Quinacradone Magenta, Nikel Azo Gold
Golden Fluid Acrylics

Teeshas List of what she used :

  • Fabriano artistico 140 lb. hot press paper
  • Golden Fluid Acrylics. Fave colors include:
    • green gold
    • nickel azo yellow
    • transparent yellow iron oxide
Golden Fluid Acrylics

  • Liquitex soft body acrylics. Fave colors include:
    • baltic green,
    • baltic blue,
    • French gray blue
    • brilliant yellow green
    • light violet
    • all the flourescent colors!
    • raspberry
    • naples yellow hue
  • Moonlight or Gelly roll pens in all the flourescent colors Jet pens is a good source for pens: click
  • Tombo mono adhesive permanent (or glue stick)
  • Sharpie poster paint markers (water based) – (especially the extra fine white, black and red) and (fine-neon pink, neon red, neon orange, violet, yellow, flour. green, flour. blue, black and white)
  • Molotow markers – all colors that appeal to you in the smallest tip they come in.
  • other magazines to use for collage
Northern Hemisphere:
612425_Artists Pick BLICK!
Southern Hemisphere:

Supplies Used in the Lessons

By Kate Palmer and Courtney Brook




LESSON 1 : Making the book
  • Fabriano Artistico Watercolour paper hot press – smooth
  • Downloadable template
  • Liquitex soft body acrylic (light wash)
  • Awl or thick needle
  • Waxed leather thread or book binding thread
Painting the Pages
  • Daniel Smith Watercolour paint
  • Big wet brush
  • Golden Fluid Acrylics
  • Paper Towel
  • Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic
Part 1: Measuring and Cutting the paper
  • 1 sheet Fabriano Artistico hot press watercolour paper 140lb, 22″ x 30″
  • Tear bar from Daniel Smith
  • Pencil for marking
  • Bone folder (or handle of scissors) for burnishing folds
Part 2: Binding the Teesha Journal and the 3 Hole Pamphlet Stitch in detail
  • Awl
  • No 18 Tapestry needle with a large eye
  • Waxed polyester thread
LESSON 2: The Collage Scaled Mermaid
Step 1: Gathering the materials
  • Collage materials
  • Book pages
  • Collage sheets
  • Magazines eg: Vogue, Pop – glossy paper is best
Step 2: Creating the mermaid
  • Collage materials and collage scraps
  • Scissors
  • Tombo Mono Adhesive glue runner/tape
  • Glue stick (brand not mentioned may be UHU – purple lid)
  • Tracing paper
Step 3: Creating the Scales
  • Collage scales
  • Tombo Mono Adhesive glue runner
Step 4: Finishing the Collage
  • Collage scales
  • Scissors – JA Hinkles brand
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Tombo mono adhesive runner
  • Glue Stick
Finishing touches!
  • Tombow watercolour markers,
  • Copic markers: RV02, B24
  • Paint pens: Montana pen in White, Light Blue, Pink & Light Pink
  • Prismacolour pencils: purple, henna, white,
  • Gel Pen – dark blue
  • Sharpie – Aqua colour paint marker
  • mermaid-Fin-Borders-tails




Lesson 1
Drawing a Romantic Face
  • Prismacolor Pencils:  Dark Blue, Purple
Shading a Romantic Face Pt 1
  • Jane Davenport Stencil Set
  • Kurecolor markers in face shades: Flesh tone, Lilac
  • Chromatix markers: Skin tone 2
  • Eye marker and lip marker Chromatix  – skin tones two and
    lips – Chromatix
  • Prismacolour Pencil in various colours
Shading a Romantic Face Pt 2
  • Posca extra fine acrylic paint marker in white
  • Montana white paint marker in White for highlights
  • Copic marker: BV31 & E00 or E000
  • Kurecolor marker for face shadows
  • Kurecolor in flesh tint to help darken
  • Prismacolor Pencils: Black, Indigo  for drawing the pupil and iris.
  • Montana marker: Fluro Green for Eye Colour
  • Sharpie Paint pen in dark Green for eye shading
  • Black Design Spectracolour Pencil for Lash line pupils
  • Prismacolour pencil for shadow touch ups
  • Eye Highlight Posca White paint pen in extra fine tip
  • Black Pen for eye darkening.
  • Sharpie Paint pen for eye sparkle
Tiphony’s Whimsy Creature Mermaid
  • Mechanical Pencil for shaping and beginning sketch
  • Montana Acrylic Paint marker in Light Blue for hair outlines
  • Sharpie White Acrylic paint pen for little creature outline
  • Bue Copic Marker for the Waves at the bottom of the page
  • Back to the Montana Acrylic marker in light blue for more details
  • Copic Marker for the little creature in various colours
  • White sharpie paint pen for creature face ascents
  • Copic marker for mermaid breastplate in a yellow and a rusted brown
  • Copic Marker for the mermaids Face followed by Prismacolour pencils for highlights and eyes – purple and a deep orange
  • White Prismacolour pencils to blend out the orange and purple in the face
  • Light Blue Copic – Tahitian Blue B04marker for the hair
  • White Sharpie Paint pen for face highlights
  • Dark Blue Copic Market for deepening the lines in the mermaids face
  • Montana Acrylic paint pen in Light Pink for scales on mermaid
  • Montana Acrylic paint pen in bright green for wave details
  • Montana Acrylic paint pen in bright yellow for scale details on the mermaids tail.

Lesson 2
Step 1: Auditioning the materials
  • Prismacolor pencils: Flesh & Blue
  • Sumi Ink in waterbrush
  • Glitter pen
  • Collage materials
  • Liquitex Matte Medium (liquid)
  • Tattoo magazine “Pretty in Ink”
Step 2: Finding your Composition
  • Liquitex Matte Medium (liquid)
  • Prismacolor pencil
  • Fine Erasers from Tombo
  • Posca Paint Pen in white
  • Ceramcoat paint (with dabber cap) in Flesh Tone
  • Distress Stain in Dusty Concord
  • Distress Paint in Weathered Wood and Chipped Sapphire (?)
  • Satay Stick for scratching back paint
Step 3: Painting the Face
  • Flat angled brush
  • Liquitex liquid matte medium
  • Liquitex Ultra-matte Gel
  • Ceramcoat by Delta
    • AC Flesh
    • Santas Flesh
    • Skintone
    • Dunes Beige
    • Old Parchment
    • Sweet Pea
    • Pale Lilac
  • Ranger Dabber in Mountain Rose
  • Distress Paint in Antique Linen
  • Americana brand in Peaches and Cream and Hilite Flesh
Step 4: Painting the Figure
  • Liquitex Matte Medium (liquid)
  • So Easy Quilting Colour Wheel
  • Prismacolor Pencil: Blue
  • Ranger Dabber in Metallic Copper and Dusty Concord
  • Distress Paint in Antique Linen
  • Ceramcoat Paint:
    AC Flesh
    Old Parchment
    Antique Cream
    Maple Sugar Tan
  • Americana brand paint in Peaches and Cream
Step 5: Finishing Touches
  • Ceramcoat – Maple Sugar Tan
  • Neon Sharpie Paint Marker – Orange
  • Tombo Water Colour marker – Lilac
  • Distress Paint in Chipped Sapphire
  • Sharpie en Extra Fine in Indigo
  • Molotow Paint Pen in Light Pink
  • Stencil Crafters Workshop – Grungy Harlequin
  • Ranger Paint Dabber in Copper
  • Prismacolor Pencil: Nectar, Lilac, Peach, Violet?, White, Cream
  • Spectracolor pencil in Burnt Umber
  • Glue runner
  • Posca brushtip white acrylic paint pen
  • Posca extra fine paint pen white
  • Alvin Dusting Brush from Dick Blicks
Lesson 3: Teesha’s Lettering
Lettering the Cover:
  • Sharpie Paint Marker – fine or extra fine with hard plastic nib
  • Copic marker B97
  • Uniball Vision Elite pen – Blue
  • Prismacolour Pencil – deep aqua blue (not sure colour)
  • Hairdryer
Lettering Teesha Style:
  • Gelly Roll Pen: Blue, Green & Pink
  • Prismacolor Pencil in Spring or Apple Green
  • mermaid-Fin-Borders-tails



Week Three

Video 1:
Collage materials
Copic Markers: c9, R?
Glue Stick
Sharpie Paint Marker in pink
Black fine tip marker
Video 2:
Sharpie Paint Pen: Black, White, Purple, Blue, Red and Apricot (pale orange)
Pencil in Aqua
Glue runner – Tombo Mono Adhesive
Gelly Roll Pen in Pink and Yellow
Copic Markers in C5, Black 100, B18 and R29
Video 3:
Lettering Secrets Part 1
Sharpie Paint Pen: Black (extra Fine) & Red
Video 4:
Lettering Secrets Part 2
Sharpie Paint Pen: Black (extra Fine)
Copic Marker Sketch – Black 100
Faber Castell Pitt Pen ‘S’ Black
Neon Pink Gelly Roll Pen
Video 5: Finishing Touches
Faber Castell Pitt Pen ‘S’ Black
Sharpie Paint Pen: Black (extra Fine), Light Blue, White, Apricot (pale Orange)
Burgundy Pencil
Yellow Gelly Roll Pen
Copic Marker C5, RV13, RV06, R27
Video 5:
Jane’s Mermie Inspiration – Princess Luna Sea
Prismacolor Pencil: Blue, White, Deco Peach, Deco Pink
White Paint Pen – Mitsubishi
Aquawash brush filled with: Sumi Ink (black), green, blue, purple (watercolour or ink) & one for blending with plain water.

Week Four


Supplies Me Hybrids
  • Gelato
  • Inktense blocks
  • Ranger Acrylic Dabber in Snow Cap (White)
  • Inktense Pencils
  • Letraset Aquamarker: Flesh, magenta, red, blue
  • Faber Castel Gelato: White
A tour of where I am working this week
  • Avoid art journals by Global ‘handbooks’

Lesson 1: The Upturned Face
Upturned Faces with Jane 1
  • Prismacolor Pencils (dark purple, parma violet)
  • Liquatex Gesso
  • Liquatex Matt Medium
  • Serviette/napkin
  • Eraser
Upturned Faces with Jane 2
  • Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint: Viridian Green Hue
  • Aquawash brush with Acrylic Green Ink
  • Prismacolor Pencil – Black
  • Aquawash Brush with: Payne’s Grey Liquatex acrylic ink (for shadows)
  • Ceramcoat Paint – yellow
  • Golden Fluid Acrylic – Paynes Grey mixed with Liquitex Matt medium
  • Ceramcoat Paint: Old Parchment
  • Prismacolor Pencil: White, Lime Green
  • Chinagraph Pencil – Black
  • Ceramcoat Paint: Fleshtone, Coral, Pink (didn’t catch which one)
  • Aquawash brush with Black acrylic ink
  • Sharpie Paint Pen: Pink
  • Montana paint pen: purple
  • Golden Fluid Acrylis: Pthalo Turquoise
  • Elmers Paint Pen: Lime Green
  • Copic Marker: BV02 Prune & V25 Pale Blackberry
Lesson 2: Jane Style Collage in Art Journal
Upturned Face and Jane Style Collage 1
  • Dylusions srpay inks backgrounds (photocopied)
  • Photocopies of own art
  • Liquitex Gesso
  • Collaged sea creatures
  • Scissors
  • Glue Roller – Tombo Mono adhesive
  • Prismacolor pencil – mauve / purple
  • Crocodile print tissue paper
  • Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic paint in Fluro Pink and Fluro Red
  • Distress Paint: Picked Raspberry, Barn Door & Fired Brick
Upturned Face and Jane Style Collage 2
  • Ceramcoat Paint: Santa’s Flesh, Dunes Beige
  • Liquitex Matt Medium
  • Ranger Paint Dabbers (mentioned not sure if they were used)
  • Americana Acrylic Paints (mentioned not sure if they were used)
  • Prismacolor Pencil: Parma Violet
  • Ceramcoat Paint: Coral
  • Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic paint in Fluro Pink
Upturned Face and Jane Style Collage 3
  • Aquawash Brush filled with – burgundy/dark red  and lime Dylusions ink
  • Galaxy Paint Marker – White
  • Golden Fluid Acrylic paint – Paynes Grey
  • water (flicked onto semi dry paint to create effect)
  • paper towel
  • Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint: Key lime, Apple Green and Hope
  • Embossing / Heat gun
  • Golden Fluid Acrylic – Sap Green for glaze on hair
  • Ranger Dabber in Lettuce
Upturned Face and Jane Style Collage 4
Lesson 1
Jane Making her Journal Part 1
Looking through Jane’s Journals – products mentioned:
Magazine Covers (or equivalent weight paper)
Fabriano 600gsm paper
Plastic protective journal covers (available from Jane’s store)
Cardboard from poster
Cereal boxes
Masking Tape
Modelling Paste
Tracing paper
Fabriano Tuscano paper – thinner weight
Hot press watercolour papers
Scrapbooking papers (printed and die cut)
Stencils (both Jane’s face stencils and Crafter’s Workhop 12 x 12)
Making the journal
Fabriano Artistico paper 600gsm (smooth)
Bone folder
Washi tape
Packaging (from finger puppets)
Handmade Paper from Mexico (I don’t know if this is where Jane bought hers – but some beautiful papers here: ) or Google ‘Amate’ papers
Paper from The Paper Source –
Sailing Ship & Lighthouse blueprints from eBay
Liquitex Matt medium or Matt Gel
Record Cover – Beyond the Blue Horizon
Jane Making her Journal part 2
Office copy paper
Clear ruler
Holes made with awl
Waxed thread (rainbow)
Tapestry needle
Black Acrylic Paint
Gesso – White
Golden Fluorescent Green
Liquitex Heavy Body – Green
Golden Heavy Body Acrylic paint in Titanium White
Lesson 2
Jane’s Terrific Tissue-Transfer Technique Part 1
Stampers Anonymous – Tim Holtz stamp set Large Alphabet
Peerless Warercolours
Aquawash brush
Stamp Pad – Blue and purple
Liquitex Matt Medium
Aquawash brush with black ink (sumi ink?)
Sharpie Paint Pen (fine and extra fine)
Posca – Light Blue Paint Pen
Canvas Corp 12 x 12 Tissuestock ( ) – google for your area it seems to be readily available
Masking Tape
Tissue-rama Tissue from Blick  ( )
Ceramcoat – Santas Flesh, Laguna Blue, Caribbean Blue
Golden Fluid Acrylic in Paynes Grey
Golden Heavy Body Acrylic paint in Titanium White
Jane’s Terrific Tissue-Transfer Technique Part 2
Collage items (fish, shells)
Liquitex Matt Medium
Large flat brush
Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint: Coral
Copic Marker: BV02, BV25, B05, R39 or R9, E02
Kurecolor markers
Prismacolor Pencil: White, Cream, Deco Peach, Parma Violet and Black
Aquawash brush with black ink (maybe sumi ink)
Ceramcoat Paint – Laguna Blue, Caribbean Blue
Plastic Book covers from Japan available in Jane’s store here:
Lesson 3
Creating in the Dark: Vid 1 – Getting Ideas
face printed on tissue paper
Collage elements: Jane used images from Dover copyright free book ‘Art in Nature’
Ceramcoat acrylic paint: Santa’s Flesh, Bamboo
Liquatex matt medium
Black gesso or paint for backgrounds
Aquawash brush with Liquatex black acrylic ink
Prismacolor Pencil: White, black, cream, dark umber, eggshell, peach, light peach, parma violet, pomegranate, metallic blue
Montana paint pen: White, Cream
Sharpie Marker – white
Tombo marker: lilac, salmon, peach
Copic Marker: Currant R56
Fudeball: Black rollerball pen 1.5mm
White gesso
Creating in the Dark: Vid 2 – Moving Forward
Photocopies of fish
Prismacolor pencil: White
Posca paint pens: honeysuckle, cream, beige, soft orange
ZIG Woodcraft marker (chisel nib): Gardenia, Flesh
Permapaque paint pen: Black fine nib, caucasian flesh tone, silver (for hair)
Painters paint pen: White
Liquitex black liquid acrylic ink
Tombo marker: Lilac
Sharpie paint pen: White
Silver adhesive letters from $2 store
Creating in the Dark: Vid 3 – Small faces
Molotow paint pen – extra fine: white
Stabilo ALL pencil: Black
Posca paint pens: honeysuckle, cream, white
Aquawash brush with water
Creating in the Dark: Vid 4
Stabilo ALL pencil: Brown
Aquawash brush with water
Tombo marker: Lilac. Light grey
Copic marker: Currant R56
Prismacolor Pencils: nectar, white, cream, indigo
China marker pencil: White
Permapaque paint pen: caucasian flesh tone (kind of a salmon pink)
ZIG Woodcraft marker (chisel nib): Flesh
Molotow extra fine paint marker: White
Sakura permatouch marker
Golden Fluid Acrylic: Titan Buff
Painters White paint pen
Creating in the Dark: Vid 5
Marvy LePlume white paint pen
no products used this week – just pure awesomeness….
Lesson 1
ZUX Part !: Collage and Composition
Paper scraps
Tombo Mono Adhesive tape runner
Tim Holtz Distress Stain (one of the greens)
Copic Markers: YR09, R29, R81
Alphabet stickers
Sharpie Poster Paint Pen: White extra fine
Faber Castel Pitt Pen: Black
Gelly Roll Pen: Fluro Orange
ZUX Part 2: Shading Tips
Prismacolor Pencil: Peach, Light Peach, Warm Grey, Black Cherry, Purple Dahlia, Nectar, Henna
Derwent Colorsoft pencils
Pan Pastels
Gelly Roll Pens: Fluro Pink
Tombo markers
Mechanical pencil
Faber Castel Pitt Pen – fine
Sharpie paint pen: Fluro orange, Fluro Pink
Lesson 2 – La Sirena Gorda
Part 1: Drawing the Mermaid
Gesso – white
Dylusions Spray Ink
Prismacolor pencil: Violet
Sticky back canvas from Claudine Hellmuth
Stewart Gil Meat Mica paints: Meadowgrass, Pewter & Verde Gris available from or in the UK
Ceramcoat acrylic paint: Santas Flesh, Cream
Smooch Ink: Olive
Elmer’s Paint Pen: Pink
Sharpie paint pen – white
Posca paint pen: Teal
Part 2:
Montana Paint Pen: Extra fine
Liquitex Acrylic Ink in a pentel aquawash brush
Prismacolor pencil: Indigo, white, black
Liquitex Acrylic ink in Aquawash brush: Carbon Black, Pthalo Blue
Montano paint pen: White
Molotow Paint Pen: Orange
Galaxy Markers: Orange
Chinagraph marker pencil: White
Bingo dabber filled with Dylusions
Lesson 1
Part 1 Drawing Sea Creatures
Prismacolor Pencils: Dark Green, Purple, Parma Violet, Light Beige, Cream
Fabriano Artistico Smoth paper
Book – Sea by Mark Laita
Book – Archipelago
Ceramcoat Matt Acrylic Paint: Dolphin Grey, Seafoam Blue, Lilac
Adirondack Paint Dabber: Chipped Sapphire, Faded Denim
Part 2 Drawing Sea Creatures
Foam sheets: Ms Fix It Assorted Foam Sheets
Archival Ink Pads: Pale Ochre, Blue Violet, Aquamarine
Versamagic Stamp pad: Cloud White
Distress Stain: Broken China
Colorase Pencil: Black
Craft Knife with funky purple handle – AWESOME!!
Part 3 Developing the Drawing
Paper serviette
Liquitex Matt Medium
Prismacolour Pencils: Parma Violet, Cobalt Turquoise, Pomegranate
Tombo eraser (World’s Thinnest eraser)
Part 4 Painting with Paint Pens
Montana Paint Pen: Caucasian Skin, Pale Blue, Light Green
Zig Woodcraft Paint Pens: Flesh, Honeysuckle, Wisteria, Rose, Cream & Gardenia
Elmer’s Painters Paint Pen: Light Blue, Pastel Green, Neon Pink
Posca Paint Pens: Green and Blue Metallic
Prismacolor Pencils: Purple, Nectar, Deco Peach, Salmon, White, Parma Violet
White China Marker
Aquawash brush with Liquitex Acrylic Ink: Carbon Black and White
Galaxy Marker in White
Permapaque – White fine tip paint marker
Copic Marker: V25 Pale Blackberry

Lesson 2 – Jane’s Watercolour Secrets

Video 1: Introducing the Tsunami Sisters
Colorase Pencil: Black
Thin Tombo eraser
Peerless Watercolors
Video 2: Jane Style Watercolor
Peerless Watercolours
Prismacolor Pencils: Parma Violet
Aquawash Brush
Permapaque White Paint Pen – fine tip
Video 3: The Final lesson
Peerless Watercolours
Aquawash Brush
Adirondack Acrylic Dabber: Snow Cap
Liquitex Matt Medium
Craft Sheet
Watercolour brush (soft, flat type)
Prismacolor Pencils: Parma Violet, Purple, Pomegranate
High Tek c .5 nib Dark Brown pen

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