Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lesson 1: Jane Style Faces!

 The artwork appearing in our Facebook Group is severely gorgeous…. and any concerns I had of you not finishing your Mermaid Shaped Artist’s Books in these first weeks seems completely baseless! If you haven’t got a Book full of mermies, circus tents and sea creatures yet, never fear, all that ARTventure is still to come.
We have a lovely full and juicy week ahead of us, so lets get the Mermaid Circus band revved up, and The Ringmaster into action!
 Studio Tour and WOW!Come along on a little journey and witness my Rainbowitis…

(Judging by all the chat about art supplies in the FB Group – I am not the only art supply addict in The Circus.)
WARNING! Arty and inky fingers ahead.
Vibrant Turquoise Dylusions is luuuuurvely stuff… but, boy is it hard to get off!
Drawing a ‘Jane Face’ – the basics
If you are new to drawing, relax, and join in.
If you have done my other workshops, join me for a refresher of the basics.
If you are an accomplished artist, have a look at another artist’s way of starting.
Shading a ‘Jane Face’ – Part 1
Shading a ‘Jane Face’ – Part 2


Draw a ‘Jane Style’ face.
Draw a ‘You’ style face!
Practice your shading.

If you want to draw a different pose, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, skin tone – go ahead!
If you don’t have alcohol markers, use whatever you do have.
This is art.

There are no rules.

Consider this  a fun warm-up to the ARTventures ahead!
Useful Links:
If you want to do more face drawing and learn all about your art supplies
at the same time consider my online Workshop:  ‘Supplies Me’.
Your Alumni Discount is available here:
See the Zig Kurecolor Markers I used here:

For a full list of supplies used, please look here: supply-list

For the next Lesson, you will need:

  1. Matte Medium - Liquitex is what I highly recommend.
  2. Have at least one face you have drawn ready to be used as a collage element. Either draw on to thin paper ( Marker paper is ideal because it collages so flat!) or you you can photocopy your artwork. Look through your existing artwork and see if there are some faces there that you love and photocopy them to fit your Mermaid Shaped book too!
Notes about photocopying:
  • A Laser printer creates a print that is bright and won’t smear. The process uses heat to bond the pigmented powder to the paper. This is the BIG type of copier you see at a Copy/ office store. ( Kinkos is an example of a common copy store in the USA.  Officeworks is common in Australia.).
  • Request a 28 lb. (105gsm) or 32 lb. (120gsm) laser paper to copy onto.
  • An added benefit of a laser print is the almost plastic coating the print delivers to the print. This helps it to not wrinkle when it is glued down and painted over.
  • You can reduce or enlarge from the original to fit your Mermaid Shaped Artist’s Book. I suggest you get a few extras in different sizes to play with in the coming weeks of the Workshop.
An inkjet printer ( most household printers are inkjet)
  • Inkjet prints can smear when wet. However, some inks do not smear. My Epson R2880 is an example of a water-resistant printer. Test your prints and see what happens once they have been left to dry overnight.
  • Print on the thinnest paper you can get away with, so that the collaged pieces can be integrated into the rest of the page.
  • We are going to use paint on our collage and Matte Medium as our glue, so you may want to test your print out first.

 Lesson 2: Jane Style Collage!

I am going to show you ‘Jane Style Collage’ like our Mermaid Masthead!
Step 1: Auditioning the materials.
Step 2: Finding your Composition
Step 3: Painting the Face
Step 4: Painting the Figure
Step 5: Finishing Touches
I can’t wait to see your ‘Jane Style Collage’ mermaids!


Lesson 3: Teesha’s Lettering

Go grab a cup of tea or coffee, a notebook and settle down for some great ideas on words!
Video 1:
Video 2:
What were your take-aways from this week?

What were the tastiest morsels,
things that are sticking with you?

 Did you have a creative break-through you want to share?
Let Teesha and I know in a comment below!

Guest Artist

Now for a special treat : A Guest Artist!
Tiphoni Moore is also Teesha’s daughter and she studied at one of the most prestigious Art Schools in the USA.
The video flows in high speed, and the mermaid appears as if by magic. Tiphoni and I had a lovely chat about art, being born into an art family and becoming an artist.

 For a full list of supplies used, please see here: supply-list
See more from Tiphoni Moore:

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